Friday, July 27, 2007


Last night I attended a Chamber of Commerce Mixer on Gaffney's Patio. This has always been one of my favorite Chamber events. Last year's mixer was just two days after I began my gluten free lifestyle. It was my first restaurant visit so it's where my "question-asking" began. They serve great chicken wings (dedicated fryer). Last year there was no gluten-free beer available. Now of course there is but it has never been available at Gaffney's. I was an early arrival to the mixer so I introduced myself to the owner John Baker. I let him know that I attempted to order a beer they didn't carry. I explained Red Bridge Beer to him. He was interested to hear about it and said he'd order a case with his next order. He then picked up his cell phone and said he'd better order it before he forgot. As I stood next to him he placed the call to his distributor, ordering three cases. It will be available beginning tonight! You can bet I will be there enjoying their patio and a Red Bridge! Thank You, John!
Gaffney's is located at 16 Caroline Street on the corner of Putnam. Music on the patio Thursday thru Sunday nights. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...
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Kathleen said...

It's nice to see restauranteurs that respond to their customers' needs.
Albany, NY

Anonymous said...

i have a few friends who used to work at gaffney's and they brought me back to the kitchen, I love the bar and the food and always have but im not sure i will ever eat anything that comes from that kitchen ever again after seeing it, its infested with flies, the walls and pots are so dirty and noone cleans up anything, i actually saw them taking used forks wiping them off and reusing them for other customers.. soo gross!!!